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My wife knows I love to see her fucked by another man and I know that will never happen. However, there are times when things are moving in the right direction. have a motor home and travel to Europe frequently. Sometimes overnight at rest areas and if there is a bathroom there, you can be sure there are guys coming in and out of the bushes. These are my favorite destination for the night. We have to drink a lot and often slowly, my wife will drink more and more. two weeks ago, we parked in Germany and is the first apetube car in a long line of cars, you could not park behind us. After passing the night in front of the car seat with my wife a 180 degrees. I slid my hand apetube her dress and playing with her breasts. I was glad I took the dress and exposed her breasts, though still in her bra. , obviously, I have new visitors who traveled in this, my hand was doing something interesting about who was in thePassenger seat. Indeed, after ten or fifteen minutes, a car stops in front of us, the lights came back and made no sign of recognition. He did not move and I thought I should be watching. After five minutes he rose from a walk through the trunk of his car and in front of my caravan. He then went to the driver's side and looked out the window. I played with my wife 's tits and he was around, watching me. I told my wife I was an observer, and he said : ' I ​​do not know about it,' stop, which is something else and turn off the light. I had all the lights for good lighting. I enjoyed watching us, and he had a good time. I wish I could say I was masturbating, but was made of metal on the road. I decided I should see her pussy, so I pulled her panties and spread her legs. I would rather have apetube left the door open to get up close and personal with the idea, but have called for security strip me hesitate. I closed the door, which serves the best view, but still could see up and fuck me. Needless to say, I came very quickly and flooded it. His face was very close to the window and saw everything. , as I say, I would have liked to have gone much further, but even apetube that makes me hard every apetube time I think about it, and I would like another opportunity.
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Jeudi 10 mai 2012 4 10 /05 /Mai /2012 18:05

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